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£25 Per Ticket. Get your ticket HERE.

The £25 ticket fee entitles the purchaser to bring one (1) family member and any dependants aged under 18 years. You must be 18 years or older to purchase a ticket. People aged under 18, must be accompanied by a ticket holder.

Your ticket allows entry to the Saturday event only. Fridays location visits are offered to anyone who wishes to attend, but transport to and from any locations can not be guaranteed. If you are able to use your own vehicle on that day, and would like to offer any spare space to other visitors, we would be most grateful for that. Maps, routes and full information will be provided to ticket holders in due course. If you don't have a ticket, you won't get that information, but are still welcome to join us on the understanding that spaces in vehicles is limited, and none can be guaranteed.

We are dependent largely on volunteers and voluntary contributions, to realise these events. If you feel YOU can add anything to our event, offer a service (transport for example) even help with clearing up, please email us as soon as possible, or make comments in the appropriate section during the ticket booking process.

By making this a community event, overall costs for everyone are kept low and we are able to create a fun event for all those who attend. Your help and understanding on this point is fully appreciated. Please, we urge you, to take time to read our Terms and Conditions fully, they will effect your enjoyment of this event, but we have kept them quite simple. Thank you.





































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