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2017 'The Tripods' Fan forum/club meeting event, terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions, they will directly affect your involvement with the meeting. You must agree to these terms and conditions in order to proceed with your registration.

It is of particular importance that you refer to "2.10".

  1. Definitions
1.01 These Terms and conditions are herein known as 'the terms' or 'terms'.
1.02 The organisers are herein known us 'us' or 'we'.
1.03 The visitors are those who will be paying us for attending the event and benefiting from the events.
1.04 The 'VIPs' or 'VIP' will include any person deemed to be of importance by us (the organisers).
1.05 'Person' or 'persons' will be any person including all of those detailed above.
1.06 The 'event' refers to the organised indoor Exhibition on Saturday 9th September 2017.
2. General
2.01 All persons will behave in a respectful and law abiding manner. There will be a zero tolerance on any behaviour which we consider to be unacceptable.
2.02 When arriving or departing any venue late at night please consider noise and respect our neighbours.
2.03 All persons will abide by and agree to these terms in order to take part in any part of the meeting at any stage.
2.04 The sale of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.
2.05 The sale of any item considered by us to be counterfeit or bootleg is forbidden.
2.06 Persons may sell genuine memorabilia, but this will be considered a private sale of a second hand item. We will take no control or responsibility over any such sale.
2.07 We are in no way liable for any error with any aspect of any sale detailed in "2.06".
2.08 No visitor is to show any advertising or display any items whatsoever, for any reason.
2.09 All displays are for exhibition purposes only and are the sole responsibility of us.
2.10 Always thank 'The Tripods'.
2.11 We are a 'not for profit' organisation. This event will be run to the best of our ability, but all persons have to accept that most of what we do is from the 'good-will' of others. We will endeavour to make the two days run as smoothly as possible and ensure all people are given good value for the time and money they spend on attending. The success of the event relies largely on YOU being an active member of this community - we urge you to take an active role in any way you can.
3. Payment Terms and Conditions
3.01 Entry is refused to those who are not able to show the original ticket issued by us.
3.02 The Saturday 'Exhibition' day is a ticket only event. This is a non-refundable fee that allows entry only. The ticket price cannot be discounted if you wish to only attend one day. Please ensure you bring your issued ticket with you, by printing it to an A4 sheet of plain paper.
3.03 Ticket holders will be entitled to enjoy the refreshments provided, but no provision for choice ahead of the event is available. You will need to show your ticket if you wish to enjoy these refreshments. There will be selection of cold sandwiches, buffet items, sausage rolls with salad and a vegetarian choice.
3.04 We will try to put on a selection of food and drinks that will suit most people. If you have a specific dietary request, please contact us and will do our best to help.
3.05 Payment in full is required 14 days prior to the event; which is 26th August 2017.
3.06 Paying the fee permits you to enter the event held on the 9th September 2017 and nothing else.
3.07 Refunds will only be made as a result of us cancelling the event. No other refunds will be made.
3.08 Refunds will be minus any fees, such as those incurred by PayPal, for the initial payment visitors make.
3.09 The £25 ticket fee entitles the purchaser to bring one (1) family member and any dependants aged under 18 years.
3.10 You must be 18 years or older to purchase a ticket. People aged under 18, must be accompanied by a ticket holder.
3.11 We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person; even ticket holders.
3.12 Tickets will NOT be available on the day. Tickets will be available online at this website only, until 26th August 2017, unless the event is sold out.
3.13 If any aspect of this event is cancelled, (e.g. a VIP is unable to attend), but the event still goes ahead, there will be no refunds.
4. Video, Photos and Social Media
4.01 We, the organisers, reserve the right to use and/or share any, or all, pictures, videos, or audio recorded at any time during the event.
4.02 All media collected under "4.01", may be used and/or shared on social media or websites including, but not limited to, existing websites and social media platforms.
4.03 By agreeing to these terms, and attending these events, you give your consent for images, videos and audio of you, taken by us, the organisers, or visitors or VIPs, to be shared in this way.
4.04 Put simply, anyone can take photographs and video and share these freely without the permission of others who may appear in these pictures or video.
5. Location Visits
5.01 It may not possible to provide transport to all those who wish to attend the location visits on Friday 8th. Although we will make every effort to ensure that those who attend the location visits, are able to see them all, we can make no promise that those attending will be able to see every location. Priority will be given to the invited VIP's. We will travel together as a group/convoy wherever possible. If you intend to arrive using your own vehicle, any spare space you can offer to visitors would be most welcome.
5.02 The itinerary for the Friday locations visits, shown in our calender, are subject to changes, some of which, may be beyond our control.
5.03 The earlier people book, the better we can organise vehicles and a successful itinerary. Please bear this in mind. If you do come along on these days, we will offer transport wherever possible, but this is not guaranteed and should not be relied upon. Follow our twitter feed for up-to-date news and PLEASE use an email address that you check regularly so you can receive our updates. If you are able to offer space in your vehicle to fellow visitors, please mention this in the comments section while booking, or email us! THANK YOU!
6. Your information
6.01 We will do our very best to keep all the information you provide to us in the strictest confidence and in encrypted files for additional security.
6.02 We will use this information to contact you about this event only.
6.03 We will NEVER give or sell this information.
6.04 Any information given by you to us will be deleted in full after the event closes on Monday 11th September 2017.
6.05 The continued storage of this information is a legal hot potato, and therefore we choose to securely delete it. Future events will therefore be created from the ground up again, and you will have to re-register to get involved.
6.06 Join the forums and follow the Twitter feed to stay up to date. If you don't check them, you won't know about it!
(C)(R) Jim Baker, Sven Vucenovic, Die dreibeinigen Herrscher